Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's It All About Alfie?

What is ELO's Digital Story going to be All About?

It's going to be about what is happening in Computers at the Moment that strikes my fancy as being interesting or important to know about.

Borrowing an "old tagline" from an old L.A.Radio talk show, I will be "opinionated, but lovable" .

In other words, this IS a Spin-Zone, where the Items of interest have an AFFECT and EFFECT on the world, as to spinning it, in a positive or negative way.

Having been an observer of the "Boffos" and "Blunders" of the digital-age since the 1980's, where I started selling and using the First TRS-80, I will tell you what I Think is Really going on.

And in most cases, I will try to tell you BOTH sides of the story.

Think of it as a Game we are playing in this Digital Age. A Game that has very serious consequences.

Let the Game begin....

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