Thursday, November 29, 2007

Remember Reading a Book on a PDA?

Well, I do. Clunky but doable.

And just Last Week, the latest incantation of that Idea was released by, and called, for want of a better word, Kindle.

The LA Times had a review about it This Week, which must make it important, this week.

Leo talked about it on TWiT, and DIGG dug it X number of times.

The bottom line is $399 is too much for an ebook reader. (I'm reading online ebooks on my Sony PSP).

You DO remember the iPhone incident a few months back, don't you?

Sony has a similar product, that it released over a year ago, called Sony Reader, which is selling for $299. Still, way too much for an ebook reader. It also doesn't have the features of Kindle of not needing a computer to use or have the ability to read certain newspapers or magaines.

And they both Don't Do Color,
which is not a deal-breaker for a eBook Reader, but for magazines it might be nice.

The world is still waiting for a reasonably priced eBook reader.

If you happen to be "one of those" *Early Adopters type, I'd say (smirk), at least, wait a couple of months.

*must be quite a few early adopters, Amazon's Kindle is currently "Sold Out".

Even Leo (you know who I mean...) is on the waiting list.

november 2007.

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